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3 Second Ad Clips Coming to Snapchat?

It appears that SnapChat is seriously considering the option of adding new advertising requiremetns to their social media site. It was always just a matter of time it seems, but from what many people in the industry are saying, that time has come. Most people are predicting that SnapChat will be adding in video or animated advertisements between viewing snaps with the requirement to watch them. These ads will likely be able to be skipped after just three seconds, however, which is quite a bit lower than what most other platforms have enabled. Currently SnapChat’s ads can be dismissed immediately.

So far it is not clear just how often these ads will show up, or where exactly they will be. Most likely it will be something like an ad shows up after every 5 snaps you view, or something to that effect. In addition, the most likely ad format will be a full screen, or at least full post, sized video ad.

While this will undoubtedly draw in some complaints from users at first, they will likely quickly get used to it. Advertisements are what pay for all the social media platforms out there, so it is something that most people just accept.

In addition, the three second skip option, if it is what Snap goes with, will likely be appreciated by many people. YouTube requires 5 seconds, and there aren’t a lot of issues with that. SnapChat currently has ads that people can dismiss with just a swipe, and most people only watch for less than a second, so three seconds does seem like a good compromise.

The rumors of three second advertisements on this system haven’t yet been confirmed yet, so we’ll keep an eye on their news to see what they actually end up doing.

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