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Buzzvil Expanding Lockscreen Advertising Globally

Buzzvil is a digital advertising company, which is best known for their mobile lockscreen advertisement products. They have been successful in South Korea for quite some time with these types of ads, and are now going to be expanding to a more global audiacne.

The company recently announced that they would be expanding their business into the United States, Japan, and a variety of other countries in Europe and Asia. This really got its big push when they acquired SlideJoy, which was an American company that was offering similar services.

They are now the largest mobile lockscreen advertising platform in the world, and are continuing to enjoy very significant growth each year. The mobile lockscreen market is obviously quite massive, and they have many different opportunities to get into it.

In some places, they work directly with cellular telephone companies to provide ads on the lockscreen. This type of service can help to reduce the charges that the end user has to pay, while allowing the cell company to continue to bring in the money. They can also offer apps that place these ads on people’s lockscreens in order to get some type of benefit.

The CEO of the company, has said, “Our growth has doubled every year in Korea. Although we are now only in the early stages of signing partnership agreements with foreign companies. I believe that our incredible growth will continue overseas as well.”

For many brands and marketers, this type of adverting is an excellent option. It allows a brand to keep their logo or other information right in front of users on a location that the consumers are looking at dozens of times per day. As this option continues to expand in the US and other regions, it will almost certainly be a very powerful ad option.

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