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Woot: IAB Publishes New Transparency Guide

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, or IAB, has released a new transparency guide, which is intended to help ad networks and others to better provide information on things like where ads will be published, where they come from, and more. This specific guide comes from the IAB’s European group, but has information that can be beneficial to anyone working with digital advertising.

Simon Halstead is the chair at IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee, and said, “With trust and transparency high on the industry agenda, IAB Europe’s Transparency Working Group wants to empower all parties to be able to ask questions of their partners. This guide enables partners to identify the right questions in the area of transparency they are keen to explore. As the industry evolves, with initiatives like IAB-led Ads.txt and the impact of GDPR, all parties need to engage in detailed conversation to drive transparency.”

This guide is setup something like a question and answer or FAQ outline, which can make it easier for people to get the information they need. It is also a good step in the right direction when it comes to encouraging people throughout the industry to start asking questions about how things can be improved.

The transparency guide can be found HERE.

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