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Native Ad Buying Climbs by 74% Through Q1 2017

A new report from Media Radar looked at where ad money is being spent. The report looks at data gathered from all of 2016 through to the end of the first quarter of 2017. They found that print and programmatic ad purchasing are decreasing slightly, but those losses are more than made up for by the huge growth in native ad buying.

Year over year, print ads decreased by 8%, and programmatic ad buyers dropped by 12 during that time.

Todd Krizelman, the CEO and one of the co-founders of MediaRadar, said, “There has been a noticeable drop in ad pages and spend from the start of 2016 to now. That being said, there are still a considerable amount of pages being bought. Niche and enthusiast titles are on the rise, with some regional titles flourishing.”

He went on to say, “After years of growth, the decline in programmatic buyers is likely attributed to concerns around brand safety, especially given recent problems for companies like YouTube. This form of advertising is continuing to evolve as brands seek more control over where their ads are running. We expect to see programmatic rise more as brands move to programmatic direct models.”

In contrast to these two area, native advertising is growing at a very rapid pace. The number of native ad buyers has increased by 74%. Since 2015, the demand for native advertising has more than tripled. The demand is expected to continue to grow in coming years due to how effective it can be.

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