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Huge Drop in Top Ad Spots on YouTube for June

Each month, a list of most popular advertisements on YouTube is released, which can give some insight into what types of things are working for video ads, and how YouTube is bringing in great ads. In May, to give a baseline, Clash of Clans held the top spot with more than 87 million views for their most popular ad, and SuperCell (the owner of Clash of Clans) had several other top ads, bringing their total views to 115 million for May.

The June 2017 totals were recently out, and the total number of views across the entire top 10 list added up to only 51.1 million. That is significantly lower than just the number one spot last month! The views were also more evenly distributed across the top 10 ads, with none of them having a huge lead like in previous months.

The number one spot in June only produced 16.8 million views, and that was an ad spot produced by YouTube along with International Rescue Committee (an international aid organization). The ad spot was for the #MoreThanARefugee campaign. YouTube also had another ad in their top 10, with their #ProudToBe video ad getting 4.6 million views to earn the #4 spot. This ad was supporting Pride Month.

Other top ads were from normal major companies like Microsoft (Xbox), Apple, Foot Locker, and Audi. SuperCell did have the number three ad for their game Hay Day, and the number 10 spot for a Clash of Clans ad about the new ‘Builder Base’ feature. This is a huge drop for SuperCell, which is consistently a top advertiser on YouTube.

This is likely just a onetime fluke in how the viewership was spread out, but it is certainly a huge change compared to what we would normally see, so it is worth taking note of.

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