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Are Ads Targeting Only Male Gamers Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity?

With the growing popularity of mobile advertising, which is seeing impressive double digit growth, many marketers and advertisers are rushing to push their ads into this area. While this is great for most industries, it is still important to look at the data before choosing where to direct your ad dollars. Some industries still perform quite a bit better on desktop.

A new report from Strike Social titled, “Q2 2017 YouTube Data Report: Focus on Gaming” found that for the gaming industry, desktop has a better view rate (26.3% on desktop compared to 21.5% on smart phones and 22.1% on tablets). Desktop also has a slightly higher cost per view though, so keeping that in mind is important.

Not only do gaming companies, or those who advertise on game-related YouTube channels, want to look closely at where to run their ads, they may want to re-evaluate what types of ads they run. The vast majority of ads on gaming channels are targeted toward boys and men. Despite popular opinion, however, the data shows that female gamers make up almost half of all gamers and view ads at roughly the same rates as their male counterparts.

Jason Nesbitt, VP of Media & Agency Operations at Strike Social said, “The data proves that the gaming audience is more diverse than most media plans assume – and failing to account for these nuances leads to lower view rates and higher advertising costs overall. While half of Americans play video games regularly, many advertisers fail to reach them where it matters most: on YouTube. In effect, they’re leaving money on the table.”

The report offers lots of helpful information on where ads should be run, and who the target audiences really should be. It can be found HERE.

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