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Israel Cracking Down on RushBucks: Ending All Forex & Binary Options Affiliate Programs

RushBucks is a popular affiliate network that runs a wide range of different programs for many different industries. According to a recent report, they are backing out of two related industries and ending their affiliate programs in those areas. The industries are Forex (foreign exchange currency trading) and binary options.

They have worked with many of the big names in each of those two areas offering affiliates the opportunity to promote their services. These two types of financial trading come with very high risk and the potential to lose a lot of money very quickly. The affiliate offers have the potential to be quite lucrative, and many affiliates made a lot of money promoting them.

The decision to end the affiliate programs in these two areas is largely because of the fact that Israeli authorities are cracking down on these industries. While not illegal, the Forex and Binary Options industries are on the fringe of the financial industry.

The global crackdown on binary options extends from China, where Baidu has banned any form of media marketing by binary options firms, to North America, where providing OTC binary options to a retail audience is a serious felony and contravenes the Exchange regulations set out by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

RushBucks has a large office in Israel and doesn’t likely want to push up against the government in that area. It is not exactly clear what percentage of their business came from these areas, but it certainly wasn’t a majority. They are currently considering different options, including using its affiliate network to promote other online products.

All the affiliate programs in this area came to an end on March 5th.

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