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New Platform to Help Fill Ad Spots in Apps Launched by Mobvista

Mobvista has officially launched a new video ad mediation platform, which will help developers maximize the revenue they are able to earn from their apps.  It is a supply-side platform that focuses on native and video ads, and the system is being called Mintegral.

The system is set to make it easy for app developers to bring in the high quality ads they are looking for.  It is also great for advertisers who can now more effectively have their ads seen by a captive audience.  In the past these high quality ad spaces would go unfulfilled or else have low-conversion ads that didn’t make much money for the developers.

Erick Fang, the Chief Product Officer, said, “Developers have traditionally had challenges to effectively monetize without compromising the user experience.  Mintegral enables smooth integration with the UIs of developers’ products for truly seamless integration and minimal disruption.  We have invested heavily in optimizing our SDK and have designated a wide variety of UI templates, to address the various ad demands in line different app scenarios.”

So far Mobvista has already signed up with more than 1000 apps to use this new platform.  It has about 180 million daily active users, including some of the top apps on either iOS or Google Play.

As apps continue to be the dominant way people use their smart phones, this type of service will help to bring advertisers and developers together to serve up advertisements that users are actually interested in seeing.

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Pesach Lattin

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Excellent post!

    Actually, The step taken by Mobvista is very inspirable. This new video ad mediation platform will increase the way to earn for the developers. It is very happy to hear that it has 180 million daily active users.

    Through this video plateform developers will place a high resoluted video in their apps and also the advertisers will get maximum visitors.Hope all the developers and advertisers get touch to this informative post. Keep posting like that and thanks for this post.

    Have a nice day dude..

    Md. Nayem

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