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Strategic Partnership between MGID and Social Discovery Ventures Launched

MGID, the native advertising marktplace and Social Discovery Ventures (SDV) have just announced a partnership to help connect SDV’s affiliate platform with the audiences using MGID’s content recommendation engine.  SDV (SDVentures) is an umbrella brand for a group of tech and engineering companies that has been in business since 1991.  They operate 50 online brands to help provide their global audience with the ability to discover each other based on a variety of shared interests and benefits.  They serve both individuals and corporate clients.  MGID is a native advertising company that promotes billions of news stories and other products each day.  They work to provide truly interested visitor’s to client websites to help improve the quality and quantity of traffic.

The partnership will help ensure businesses and affiliate marketers are able to take advantage of effective content marketing as well as native advertising as a part of a full marketing campaign.  SDV’s affiliate program, known as Anastasia’s Affiliates, can leverage MGID’s technology to create much more efficient leads.

The high quality traffic from MGID is driven using their optimization tools that they have developed over the years.  These tools allow the system to analyze hundreds of different signals including things like location, type of device, user behavior and much more.  This will allow them to deliver more targeted visitors to the marketers, which will help to improve conversion rates.

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Pesach Lattin

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