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All Networks Should be using Redirect Service

If you are a CPA or Affiliate Network and you are not using a redirect service, you are missing out on easy money that can be made from your international and other traffic that doesn’t result in a lead. If you aren’t using it, tons of traffic is disappearing into nowhere and not making any money. Make your affiliates happier with scoring for them, for all their traffic, irregardless of where it is coming from. Here is a little bit of information from HasTraffic, the leading company in the redirect space with many major networks using them for making higher eCPCs.

Why and How Much should you filter the traffic before it reaches your Primary Advertisers?

  1. All traffic has value, but not all traffic is suitable for all advertisers
  2. Lead Value- Increase your lead value by sending only high performing traffic, still receive revenue for suspect traffic
  3. Brand Value- It is better for your brand to send less, purer traffic to the primary advertiser, then to have higher volume of suspect traffic.
  4. Increased Revenue- You still get the money that the traffic generates, just not attached to your brand.

Who  benefits the most by using HasTraffic for their redirect channels?

  1. Incent Traffic Networks– Filter hard and heavy, redirects are valuable so revenue will be high without being attached to your lead value, campaign or brand.  Only send best quality to primary advertiser.  Best practice is to filter out all traffic from proxies in real time using multiple data points to ID on the click.  In doing so you protect your advertiser a bit more proactively from rogue affiliates and/or bad traffic.  (paraphrased from T Dietzel)
  2. Large Volume Email Networks- Filter the proxies as described above,  keep your geo data current and in coordination with your advertisers.  Send us the rest, and send the offer code, KW, Category or vertical passed on subID, we will get the right advertisers to fight over the redirects.
  3. Large Volume Email Marketers- Filter the INT redirect traffic before the network does by filtering it and segmenting it before you send it.   It is your traffic, it should be you who  receives the revenue.   Also filter proxy and blacklist traffic.  You will still receive the revenue, but will not be scrubbed for sending bogus traffic.

Has Traffic Redirect Channel Value Proposition

  1. Ease of Implementation.  Redirect channel can be easily implemented via a single redirect link (with optional subID appendage passing KW, Category, Vertical or Offer ID, Publisher ID, etc).  Compatable with HasOffers, Cake, HitPath and proprietary tracking platforms.
  2. Single Solution Rev Share vs. Auction Model.  Has Traffic is not a singular destination rev share solution, it is instead a bidding platform whereby qualified advertisers who know the channel they are bidding on compete for the traffic.  Advertisers for redirect channels are kept honest as they do not simply receive the traffic and rev share a ‘black box’.  Networks continue to share in 85% of the revenue, regardless of how high the bids go.
  3. KW-Category-Offer level Optimization.  Would you buy EDU or PAYDAY clicks and send them to an IPad offer?  Of course not.  So why do you send your redirects blindly to RON backfill solutions?  Has Traffic specializes in  KW specific redirect optimization, and can help you to do the same with your International Redirects and IP filtered traffic.

For more information:
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