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$2k a Day on Incent Based Leads With Shaz Amin

Shaz Amin of Blue Track Media sits down with Murray Newlands and talks about why Incent Based Marketing works. Shaz talks about what is working for his top affiliates and what type publishers are the hottest. If you are looking are to get involved with content locking, or any type of incent based marketing, you need to watch this interview. This is an awesome introduction to the incent game, why it works and how to grow your publishing income using this method.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a reporter with PMI-TV. Before that he was an affiliate marketer in England, trying his hand at making money online. Now he interviews people who make money online for a living!

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  1. Incentive sales/leads do nothing for the people you are advertising for. Everyone in the industry (including yourself) know they are horrible. I make 4x what you make & I do it with legit leads/sales. You have no real long term marketing plan if you listen this crap.

  2. Amy,

    Thanks for the feedback. I think the title of the post might have misled you, but I’m glad you make 4x that. I hope you continue doing well and delivering quality leads to your advertisers.

    1. I also must add, incentives are all around us. When an advertiser offers a coupon for their product, that’s an incentive. I wouldn’t say that lead is garbage, it definitely brings customers through the door and converts into sales. Incentive promotions have been around forever, just in different forms. I’m sure you have a credit card that you solely use to build up points, which then you redeem for maybe a plane ticket or a trip, or even cash back. Credit card companies incent you to use their credit card over your debit card or some competitors credit card.

      There are many big companies working with facebook to use incentive promotions to generate leads/sales to their advertisers, and I believe they will be around for the long term.

    1. Definitely apologize for that, the mic on my laptop is not as good as I thought it was. Would have used my desktop if it was around. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

  3. I agree with Shaz. In whatever way, incentives will always be around and will surely persuade customers. Informative interview and good luck!

  4. Email submits scrub like crazy. If you have enough incentive traffic you are better off creating your own tailored product. The bottom line is that email submits can never be 100% free. If none of your leads come out of their pockets and purchase, scrubbing has to happen. If they are willing to spend money, wouldn’t you rather they spend it on your own custom product?

    As for the basketball ebook example, you could easily sell it with a payment processor and/or offer it for free using a viral incentive.

  5. I need to say something to the reporter, his byline is very disheartening for affiliate marketer

    dont you think, Shaz??

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