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Social Media Marketing Tips 101

Social media marketing is obviously the hot new trend in our society.

People are jumping on board and creating Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook pages by the thousands every day. Businesses are starting to stand up and take notice, and you should too. In this article, we will discuss some great marketing tips which will allow you to take advantage of the social media craze.

Is Social Media Marketing Right For Your Business?

Once you decide that social media marketing is the thing for you, be sure to post things regularly.

By having this consistency, you will have people come and visit you on a regular basis. They will know to expect a new topic from you daily, and they will know that it will fit their interest.

Make Sure People Know Who You Are

Brag about your achievements on your social media blog. This may seem odd, but some people like to see your social credentials before they will feel comfortable interacting with you. Blog about your friends on Facebook, or your number of Twitter followers. Include links to your other pages as well.

However, a word of warning here, if you are listing your achievements never lie, they are always discovered and can destroy your online business very fast.

If you are looking to use Twitter as another social media marketing strategy, make sure that you choose a Twitter username that displays well and is easy to remember. This username should get the point of your company across, but should also be easy to remember.

Don’t choose usernames like poopy24AD, its not a license plate for your car it is actually a way for you to brand yourself or your business on the internet. No one will remember a username like that and it is likely irrelevant to your company’s name.

To make sure that your best content on your site doesn’t get buried and lost, have it posted onto Twitter automatically. There are a great deal of programs, such as JustRetweet, that will take care of this for you. To most of your social followers, this content will be brand new, and it can be an excellent way to get people interested in what you have to say and keep a continuous flow of traffic coming to your online business site.

Article Marketing Works Well With Social Media Marketing

If you are using article marketing, consider adding an RSS feed to link your most recent content to your social media profile. This is an easy way to increase readers for your new content, because RSS feeds will automatically update your news stream with a link to your recently published article. Use these tips to build your business with social media sites. The sites you are using every day for your personal life can be just as helpful, effective and fun for business use.

We are currently using social media marketing to promote and brand our newest blog MakeItYourRing Diamond Engagement Rings across many different networks and other blog sites. Social media marketing can bring you business around the world, and with tips like the ones in this article, you will not only grow your online business but thrive.

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Ron Cripps

Ron Cripps has been online for more than nine years full time. Starting his own online business selling e-books. Then over time realizing the power of affiliate marketing and the potential of generating massive amounts of income online through promoting products and services with social media.

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  1. Hi Alan

    Yes if you are not using social media marketing in some form or another you are going to be left behind overtime.

  2. I think if you’re an internet marketing and you want to increase your income through online, Social Media is really needed. Regardless what’s your business is about or what’s your niche, social media is the ultimate key to achieve success.

    1. Hi Tim

      Thanks for dropping by, and yes this is definitely the future and now with Google Plus in the game as the newest social media platform you know it is something that Google will be looking at in the near future if they are not already.

      You will notice many in the internet marketing arena now referring to social influence which in effect is your mentions and activities in the social media sites.

  3. Most businesses and bloggers aren’t doing social media very effectively, yet, so those that “get it” have a huge advantage. As Ron suggests, you need to feed quality content for a consistent presence – and that does NOT mean only feeding YOUR content. It means NOT feeding ONLY your content.

    When you share the best content for your niche or geographic location you will attract others who are interested. Then just build on that by remembering that it is called SOCIAL media for good reason. The whole point is to create relationships by interacting socially similar to how you would in person.

    Anyone serious about blogging or social media for a business needs to be on Twitter because that is where other savvy users interact and will send your content the most traffic – IF they can connect with you there!

    1. Hi Natalie and Welcome

      Yes you are right in saying that, however what I have also found is that people will also shy away from social media simply because to them, its new technology and they don’t believe they have the skills to interact with social media.

      This is mainly true in the older generation.

  4. I must admit that I’ve had a very passive approach to my Twitter activity. I should know better. Having great content means absolutely nothing if no one knows it’s there to read it. I will definitely take your advice and automate tweets to my blog posts. Thank you very much!

  5. No doubt how much important role is playing by social networks today in online marketing or brand promotion. Infact now it is going more effective as there are many social media sites in place which are specific to a particular community or niche and it helps you to promote you or your stuff to exactly the peoples who works in the same niche as you do and saving you lot of time. And this will also give you an opportunity to increase your credibility. Also your success rate will itself increases as your credibility increased as people putting faith in you and your advice. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. Hi Jhonty

    There is so much out there now when it comes to social media it is getting very hard to get up.

    Yes you are right when you speak about credibility with in the social networks once you get that your social influence will increase which is another factor now being looked at by some of the major search engines namely Google.

  7. Just an update on this post Social Marketing 101, for those that are using Twitter and would like to get more tweets and followers you should checkout JustRetweet it is a service where you can add your posts to be tweeted for a specified amount of credits (you nominate the amount of credits).

    You can also get credits for tweeting other posts and viewing websites as well as following others.

    I have been using JustRetweet for just over a month and have seen a huge increase in many aspects of my own online business. That is my experience with this service yours maybe totally different but well worth a look.

  8. Dear Performinsider,
    Neat Post, I know Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are incredible options to aid increase my company, but I will not have the time to be taught them. How a whole lot would a promoting firm cost me to run my social media?

  9. Hi Lawrence

    If you take a minute and get in contact with Gail Gardner from Twitter @growmap or by following the link in her comment above you will get all the information you need about setting up with social media.

    Gail is one of the best I have seen when it comes to social marketing.

  10. Hi Ron , nice post!

    Social Media is not only right for any business marketing, it’s a must! However, not every one admit it yet, but they will sooner or latter!

    The interesting thing these say is the move from follow us to engage with us, nice idea for driving even more sales from social media!

    1. Hi Hesham

      Thanks for the comments, even here in Australia it has taken time but more businesses are now recognizing the importance of Social media.

  11. Social media is about engagement – that is listening, interacting and sharing valuable content with your audience. Use a subtle marketing approach as being overly heavy on product promotion may turn off your audience.

  12. It’s also important that you listen to what your fans are saying. Set up Google alerts, search Facebook posts, search tweets, etc. Brand management is an important part of your social media marketing effort.

  13. Social media is definetly important but it can also be a big drain on your time and often doesn’t give you a return on your time and money. It’s probably better to pick one or two platforms and spend your time working out how to use them effectively. Also i think most businesses don’t approach it right – they see it as another tool to ‘push’ out their message to people rather than to build a community by adding value and listening.

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