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Twitter Also Banning Cryptocurrency Ads

Twitter is following Facebook and Google in their move to ban advertisements related to cryptocurrency. The new policy will cover any advertising related to initial coin offersings, token sales, and even exchanges or wallet services. The one exception to this ban is if the exchange or wallet service comes from a major public company that is listed on approved stock exchanges.

The reasoning provided by Twitter is basically the same as what was given by Google and Facebook. They want to ‘protect’ consumers from potential scams and the high risk world of cryptocurrency. The policy change will go into effect within the next thirty days.

Twitter was benefiting significantly from these types of ads, given that they were growing in popularity. Marketers who were working for specific currencies were buying up lots of ads to get the word out about new coins, or new opportunities.

With Twitter being one of the last major platforms that still allowed these types of ads, a growing number of people were moving in that direction. Those promoting crypto related products or services will now have to put more of a focus on smaller scale ad networks, which will further reduce their effectiveness and increase the risk of fraud and other issues.

Of course, using standard SEO strategies will also be very important for crypto related companies going forward. None of the ad bans have said that they would be putting a stop to any organic rankings, or ban accounts related to crypto, and at least for now, this is not something people expect to happen any time soon.

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