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Microsoft Joins the Coalition for Better Ads

Microsoft is the latest company to join the Coalition for Better Ads, which formed a year ago to help understand the reasons why more and more consumers are deploying ad blocking software and otherwise not viewing ads. The group hopes to address the concerns of consumers so that consumers can get a positive overall ad experience, and brands will be able to benefit most from their ad campaigns.

Microsoft joins other major companies such as Google, Facebook, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, GroupM, and others in this effort.

Rick Van Der Kooi, CVP Microsoft Search Advertising, said in the announcement, “Through our advertising platforms, and our multitude of consumer services, we believe we can make an important contribution to improving and safeguarding advertising standards on the web.” He went on to say, “Microsoft is committed to working with our industry partners and the Coalition for Better Ads to continue the development and implementation of standards that will have a positive impact on consumers and the entire online advertising community.”

Google has already committed to blocking any ads that don’t conform to the standards that were set by the Coalition by early 2018. It is not yet clear if Microsoft will also block these types of ads on their platforms, which include Bing, LinkedIn Advertising, and many others.

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