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Facebook Buys Teen Focused App ‘TBH’

TBH is a relatively new social network that has been exploding in popularity over the past several months. It isn’t even available on the Google Play store (yet), and in September it was downloaded more than 3 million times on iOS. At several points, it was the most popular app on the market.

The app, which stands for ‘To Be Honest’ is directed at teens and gives them an anonymous way to essentially talk about each other through surveys, polls, and other activities. They claim that this is, “the only anonymous app with positive vibes.”

In the app, people can make a poll like, “Who has the best smile” and then list multiple options. This could be either celebrities, or more likely, people from their class. Others can respond and determine who the winner is.

Facebook has somewhat of an issue attracting teens since teens see the social giant as being something for their parents. Even if they have accounts there, they aren’t nearly as active as older people. So, Facebook wants to attract this demographic by purchasing the app. The details of the purchase have not been released, but experts believe the deal to be worth less than $100 million, which is the cutoff that would require regulatory approval.

TBH hasn’t yet found a way to monetize the app, but there is little doubt that Facebook will put something in place to make money. For marketers looking to target younger people, this could offer an excellent opportunity.

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