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Combining TV & Digital May be Best for Major Ad Campaigns

Many people who engage in performance based marketing focus all their efforts on digital advertising and marketing efforts. For some, this is because that is where they can afford to do their marketing. For others, however, it is just what they have always believed to be the most effective option for generating sales in their industries. According to a recently released paper from WARC, however, it seems like smart marketers might want to give television ads another look.

The author of the paper, Matt Hill, is a research and planning director at Thinkbox, a marketing body in the UK. When looking at TV he said, “We like to watch TV on the best screen available, from the comfort of our living rooms, we like to watch TV together and the most popular form of video is live TV.” He later commented, “Creative ideas need to be able to translate well across all media; but a multi-media campaign will work best when integrated across channels with each new exposure building on the previous one.”

Television has been shown to be an excellent way to build brand recognition and even connect with people on an emotional level. When combined with digital ads that can ‘remind’ people of a product or service, especially when they are in a position to buy, it can be extremely powerful.

Since many marketers are up to date with the latest trends and technologies, we often look at TV as out of date. Many of us, for example, have abandoned traditional TV for streaming services, and when we do watch normal television we DVR it and fast forward through the commercials. The fact is, however, that this is not the trend overall.

In the UK, the average person watches 45 TV ads per day. These are ads that are seen at normal speed, which is exactly what marketers would want. This is actually an increase of an average of six per day since 2006.

Of course, TV has a higher entry point in terms of price and commitment than most digital advertising options. But for larger scale campaigns, it should certainly be considered. The full paper can be seen HERE.

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