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Pepperjam Releases a New Publisher Focused Recommendation Engine

Pepperjam is a UK based performance marketing company, and they have recently announced the launch of ‘Optimizer.’ Optimizer is a publisher recommendation engine that is data-driven to help brands find and generate the right type of content based on their needs.

The system uses search filters, monthly visits to a site, relevance, and much more to help identify the best options for partnerships.

Pepperjam Chief Technology Officer, Greg Shepard, said, “By leveraging the automated recruitment capabilities that Optimizer provides, new advertisers will decrease their time to revenue through new publisher partnerships, while existing clients will see an obvious opportunity for incremental value. At Pepperjam, we highly value the ability to provide advertisers the recruitment insights needed to partner with publishers and ultimately bring more revenue to their businesses.”

These types of services from reputable companies like Pepperjam can be extremely valuable for both new and established brands, especially those that operate using digital platforms.

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Pesach Lattin

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