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UK Ad Spend is continuing to Rise in 2017

A new report from Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure came out, and it shows a 1.3% YoY increase in ad spend in the UK for the first quarter. This is driven primarily by internet based advertising, which grew by more than 10%. Of the online ad segment, 36.2% was from mobile ads, which have shown and excellent growth rate in most places around the world.

Digital advertising now makes up more than half of all ad spend in the UK. Despite the good growth, the analysts don’t expect a major year for overall spend increase. James McDonald, the Senior Data Analyst at WARC says, “Higher inflation and slow wage growth has put a squeeze on consumer spending, while business confidence has weakened following the unexpected and indecisive general election result in June. These underlying stresses have resulted in a downgrade to our full-year expectations for UK ad market growth, almost all of which will come from digital formats.”

This is just the latest report from quarterly earnings and other information to come out recently from companies and regions around the world. Overall, we can continue to expect good growth for digital, despite some challenges in specific areas.

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Michael Levanduski

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