New Marketing Features from Snapchat Being Launched

Snapchat has just announced that they are rolling out some new features, some of which will be very helpful to marketers. The main addition will allow marketers to link any type of content they want to their snaps using a new ‘paperclip’ option.

Paperclips allow users to link up websites, or other things, by just tapping the new button, which is located in the Vertical Toolkit. When a user visits the Snap, they will be able to swipe up to open up the website within the custom Snapchat web browser.

There has been this option for paid advertisers for quite some time now, but with it expanding to all users, it will create a lot of great options. Marketers will be able to create more natural traffic, which can save a lot of money compared to advertisements. In addition, many consumers prefer clicking on links that aren’t from ads since they view them to be more trustworthy.

Snapchat has implemented some safety standards regarding where the links go to help protect users. Objectionable links can be reported by the users of the app as well to help keep everything working well for everyone involved.

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