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New Affiliate Platform Promises Offline Credit Card Purchase Tracking

Empyr media has revealed a new performance and affiliate marketing platform that claims it can completely verify when campaigns send customers to your offline, brick and mortar location. Yep, the claim is that marketers would be better off spending their money on verified foot traffic, than only online purchases.

This is a great opportunity, that will bridge a much needed gap between everything from social media marketing to influencer marketing of brands, allowing for tracking if there is an actual purchase by consumers.

The CPR (cost-per-revenue) platform from brings together customer rewards and card-linked tech to reveal when digital ads lead to real-world revenue. “One of the holy grails of Internet is whether you can track somebody from seeing an offer online to walking into an actual store, and making a purchase,” says Empyr CEO and founder Jon Carder.

Location-based technology such as beacons already exist to indicate when consumers enter or pass by stores, but Empyr says its platform goes further by proving when purchases were made. This is done through the cooperation of debit and credit card companies Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to track the transactions, Carder says.

Merchants who opt into the program put out deals such as cash back or other offers for consumers. Empyr distributes these offers among online publishers such as Yelp. If a consumer sees the ad and wants to claim the benefits, they click on the link and then synch up the debit or credit card they plan to use to make the purchase. No additional coupon or code is needed after that. The consumer just goes to the store and buys the product. “They get the reward automatically,” Carder says.

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