New Self-Serve Ad Platform Launched by Reddit

Reddit is making some very significant changes to the way they manage their ad space. In an announcement they released, comment about their new self-serve ad platform that will allow advertisers to take a much more active role in posting and keeping track of their advertisements on the popular site.

The newly designed interface is much more user friendly and easy to work with, which has been an important request for many users for some time. They will also offer post-pay billing options so advertisers can more easily manage their financial accounts without having to add in or remove funds nearly as often.

Reddit has also made significant changes and improvements to the reporting that advertisers will have access to. They can now search by additional criteria so they can find exactly what they need, and the overall organization of the reporting is much improved.

For now, both the new and old systems will be functioning side by side to give advertisers a chance to make the needed adjustments. After a few months, however, the old system will be retired. At first glance, this is going to be a welcome change by both new and existing Reddit advertisers.

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