Twitter Overbilled Video Advertisers

Twitter, the once fast growing social media platform, has been experiencing woes of its own lately. Not only has it growth rate declined, with quarter two and three of 2016 seeing a low 4 million new monthly active users, there has also been several high ranking departures from the company that has led some to believe that Twitter stock is highly overvalued.

Now, it appears that Twitter has over-billed its video advertisers because of a bug that was introduced during a recent Twitter Android app update. The bug caused metric reporting for video ads to be 35 percent higher than what they actually were for the period between November 7th and December 12th.

According to a spokesperson from Twitter, “We recently discovered a technical error due to a Twitter product update to Android clients that affected some video ad campaigns from November 7 to December 12. Once we discovered the issue, we resolved it and communicated the impact to affected partners. Given this was a technical error, not a policy or definition issue, we are confident it has been resolved.”

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