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How to Get More Characters Into Your Twitter Ads

Twitter has finally implemented the change that stops counting the characters in the links for images and other websites in Tweets.  This was announced several months ago, but now that it is implemented, many marketers are noticing something interesting.

The change doesn’t apply to advertisements.  If you want to post a sponsored Tweet with a link to your website, the website URL still counts toward the 140-character limit.

Don’t worry, however, as there is a nice little work around.

To get around this limitation you simply have to create a normal, non-sponsored, Tweet and publish it to your page.  Once done, you can immediately choose to promote the post.  This way you can use the added characters to actually get your message out there rather than having it taken up by the links.

Of course, just like with normal Tweets now, the number of pictures and videos are limited.  You can only have up to four photos in your Tweet, and just one video or gif.

Whether the fact that the characters still count in links for ads is just a bug that Twitter will fix, or it is intentional, having this simple way around it should help many marketers get their message out there more effectively.

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Michael Levanduski

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  1. This is interesting to know. I heard that they have cancelled this limitation, but did not know that this is still valid for sponsored ads.

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