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Australia Enjoying Rapid Digital Ad Growth

For marketers looking to expand outside of the United States, Australia is a very smart target audience.  It is a great way for marketers to expand globally since they share a similar culture and language.  Digital advertising in this country/continent also does very well, especially over the past year.

Driven largely by mobile ads, Australia’s digital ad market has grown by almost 30% this year (to June 30th).  This is a big move, and is a strong indicator that Australia enjoys most of the benefits of marketing in the US, without some of the difficulties.

Display advertising grew by 43.3%, hitting $2.5 billion.  This is the largest growth in this area for Australia in the history of digital marketing.  Video also enjoyed massive growth of 55%, up to $600 million.  Video ads are nearly 25% of all digital marketing in Australia now.

This is all according to the Online Advertising Expenditure Report by IAB/PwC.  The IAB Australia chief executive, Vijay Solanki, commented saying, “Another year of double-digit growth, driven by the continued rise of the mobile and video category, means that online advertising heads closer to half of all advertising spend.”

For marketers promoting digital products, putting a focus on the land down under makes even more sense because there is no worry of shipping costs.  Of course, this rapid ad growth in this region of the world can benefit local marketers in Australia as well.  Getting in on this growth does, however, come with some difficulties.  As more and more brands are investing marketing dollars into the region, the prices will start to go up, which is why it is important to focus on ROI and not just dump ads in and hope for the best.

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Michael Levanduski

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