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Huge Changes to Google Adwords Coming

If you’re one of the millions of individuals and businesses that use AdWords you have already gone through one significant change this year with the removal of right-rail ads.  There has been rumors of additional changes coming, and at least one of them has recently been confirmed.

As with most ad related changes recently, it seems that these are being made to improve the results for mobile searchers.  As more and more people continue to use mobile devices as their primary way of searching, this type of adjustment will continue to be necessary.

Here are the main points of the updates that will be coming out later this year:

  • Headlines – Currently advertisers are allowed a single 25-character headline. After the update rolls out there will be two headlines, each of which can be up to 30-characters.
  • Descriptions – You’re currently allowed two descriptions lines of up to 35-characters each. With the update you’ll get just one description line but it can be 80 total characters.
  • URLs – Right now you have to manually enter a display URL and if you have a discrepancy between what you enter and the final landing page, your ad won’t be approved. With the update, the domain is automatically created from your final URL and you can customize the URL path.

These are fairly significant changes and will really make advertisements on the Google SERPs look different.  Marketers need to get ready for this and start working on updating their ads.  Once the change rolls out, existing ads won’t look or read the way they were intended.

Planning out changes ahead of time will not only help ensure you’re ready for the change, but it will give you a leg up on any competition that wasn’t prepared.  If your ads look and sound better, you’re going to get more clicks and sales!

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Pesach Lattin

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