Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

I stumbled across an interesting article on the Forbes website that covered the Google My Business (as well as Bing Places & Yahoo Small Business) from an interesting point of view.  The article talks about how much impact these programs are having on the world of SEO.

Since more and more small businesses can show up in the search results (even if it is just off to the right where Google often places them), it may mean that there is less need for general SEO.  Small businesses may find that SEO is less important if they can keep their site ranking well just by posting frequent information, such as menu items, pictures, and other information about their local area.

One thing this article seemed to miss, however, is that SEO companies are already offering services that can help to improve the rankings for these services.  Essentially this means that rather than hurting well run SEO companies, it is only providing them with a new service to offer.

In addition to general SEO efforts, good SEO’ers are now offering services that will help to boost a small business’s ranking in Google My Business, Yahoo Small Business and Bing Places.  These are services many small businesses will need, since it could otherwise take them hours each day to maintain their rankings.

None the less, the article from Forbes did touch on the importance of ranking in the search engines (whether organically, through advertisements, or through services like Google My Business).

If you run a small business, or offer services to them, this article may be worth a quick read.  It can be found HERE.


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