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Former Google Employee Claims Massive Adsense Fraud

According to a letter posted on, from someone claiming to be a former employee of Google, the multi-billion dollar company has been engaging in massive amounts of fraud when it comes to paying publishers. The letter, published completely anonymously details a plan hatched by managers at Google in order to grow the revenue in the company’s Adsense division.

The letter states that in 2009 managers were ordering the cancelation of adsense publisher accounts:

So they were going to (in their words) “carry out extreme quality control on AdSense publishers”. When one of my fellow co-workers asked what they meant by that. Their response was that AdSense itself hands out too many checks each month to publishers, and that the checks were too large and that needed to end right away. Many of the employees were not pleased about this (like myself). But theywere successful in scaring the rest into thinking it would be their jobs and their money that would be on the line if they didn’t participate. The meeting left many confused as to how this was going to happen.

What did they mean by extreme quality control? A few other smaller meetings occur with certain keypeople in the AdSense division that furthered the idea and procedure they planned on implementing.There were lots of rumors and quiet talking amongst the employees, there was lots of speculations,some came true and some didn’t. But the word was that they were planning to cut off a large portion of publisher’s payments.

The detailed letter goes on to detail an alleged plan by Google managers that lasted for years, involving flagging accounts over a certain amount before they were paid and then refusing payment based on false quality control claims. If these accusations are even remotely true, Google could be facing some serious issues and the managers involved could be facing criminal actions.

What are your experiences with Google? Do you have any reason to think this is true? You can view the full letter here


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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. This is shocking. All the pain we went through during that time is unimaginable. Google is playing foul game here. Unfortunately, there is not any better alternative of Google adsense.

    1. No alternative to adsense? There are plenty of networks you can work with for alternatives….

  2. The same happened to us… For no reason, actually for a reason that we were never allowed to discussed, our AdSense account was terminated and all of the monies owed to us at that time was supposedly returned to the advertisers. Ya right! As if….

    There is no word to describe how much I hate Google….I will do anything to hurt them any way shape or form…I don’t even mind if the whole world knows about it….I am cutting all my dealing with Google, only dealing with Bing and Yahoo….

    So Google go scr&***w yourself

    1. How can they cut off someones account and end the contract without some sort of written proof from Google that there were issues. Otherwise advertisers could take them to court in a mass civil suit.

  3. Back in 2009 when this was just getting started there were a lot of Adsense publishers claiming that this was going on. Google denied it obviously and the publishers were accused of just being paranoid and “getting caught”. Look who is right now!

  4. I had an adsense account with over 30k in revenue for the month and they did this to me. I didn’t understand why at the time but mow it makes sense. I hope this becomes a civil suit…cant wait to add my name onto that one.

  5. Same thing happened to us. Sue them. Courts require proof, and they won’t give you any because either a) they don’t have it, or b) they don’t want to publicly disclose their screening process or publish data.

    If it goes to court, they don’t typically even send a lawyer, just a paralegal to parrot their terms of service over and over and provide no evidence. You’ll win 90% of the time if your lawyer presents it correctly.

  6. Like Zack above, my AdSense account got shut down based on unsubstantiated quality control issues as well. All emails asking what they were referring to (which website caused the issue?) went unanswered.

  7. Don’t jump the gun… when you are the big gorilla, there are plenty who will try to attack you, under false pretenses.

    Are there people who got shut down unfairly… sure. Did people lose money unjustly… sure. But this happens anytime you run a billion dollar operation with millions of transactions. Nobody has a 100% perfect operating record!

    Until there is absolute proof… of a deliberate act of fraud, no need to work up a storm!

  8. Google has no benefit of the doubt here.

    They are a bully.

    They are not transparent.

    Not only do they steal our earned money, but they steal our content and put it on their page 1 result.

    I’ve been outraged about Google’s shenanigans since 2006. Slap this and slap that.

    With that said, a class action suit is a sick joke. Only lawyers win.

    Instead, spread this far and wide. That’s how you hurt Google.

  9. Not sure why such a big company like Google would take the risk to do something like this. A few $1000 here and there is small money compared to the impact on the company if this came out…

  10. This is very bad of Google if this is actually happening as it breaks heart of many hard working bloggers and newbies. I too had same experience back in 2011 when my account had 50K it was banned.

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