Logical Media Network Out of Business

Affiliates of Logical Media were told in a very brief email on March 24th that they were shutting down as of March 27th,  and all links would immediately then become in active. There was no phone number for the company listed on their website, and no one was available for comment.

The person that one affiliate was told to contact, Susannah Winemiller-Booth informed PMI that she hadn’t worked for the company for a year and was surprised the company was still using her name without permission as a contact.

To all affiliates,

This email is to notify you that Logical Media Network is ceasing its operations and going out of business as of March 27, 2014. As of March27th, all of Logical Media?s links will become inactive. Payment for Marchactivity will be pursuant to the affiliate agreement

Very Truly Yours,
Logical Media Management

Again, raises questions why anyone would do business with a company that not only doesn’t list its phone numbers, but has nothing whatsoever about it’s owners, management or a real way to pursue them in case of non-payment?


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