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Eder Holguin: Content Marketing is Important for Everyone

Jennifer Selleck talks to Eder Holguin of MGID. If you don’t know who he is, he’s one of the old school marketers that has been around since the start.Eder Holguin is a tech savvy, out-of-the box player in the dynamic online marketing industry. With more than a decade of industry expertise, he has an in-depth background in operations, sales and marketing. His clients range from brand name Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups.  Currently he is involved with content marketing, and sees it as a huge trend for marketers and is extremely important for any marketer moving forward. Great interview about Content Marketing.

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Jennifer Selleck

Jennifer is a former NYC based model turned business woman, and the Host of PMI-TV. She is best known for her role as a witty commentator on Facebook who doesn't take crap from anyone

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  1. Thanks for the Outbrain recommendation. Using those kinds of services strategically can really help. A lot of people do seem to forget that not only do you need to be consistent but you’ve got to be patient. Getting results can take time and it’s easy to give up too soon.

  2. Definitely content marketing is very important. I am always blown away by business owners that think that their customers don’t care about content about their industry. THey don’t want to blog, video, or podcasts until they see their competitor take over.

  3. this guy is full of crap he didnt start any companies on his own he as been an employee for every company he has been at. all this guy does is lie..

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