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Tie up the Kardashian Sisters in the Back of Your Ford

Yep, Ford Advertisement with Silvio Berlusconi with the Kardashian sisters tied in the trunk. Obviously not a realistic depiction because it would take at least a F150 to make room for those bootylicious gals. Still funny as hell, but.. wrong.. but funny as hell.. but wrong…  Do you think brands should be a little more risque with their ads, perhaps going over the line? Does it really hurt their brand, or has the public started to have a sense of humor?


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Jennifer Selleck

Jennifer is a former NYC based model turned business woman, and the Host of PMI-TV. She is best known for her role as a witty commentator on Facebook who doesn't take crap from anyone

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  1. At least do a little research before writing an article (if you can even call one paragraph an article) like this. The ad is technically not a “Ford Advertisement”, as it was not commissioned and paid for by Ford. It was created by someone (or ones) at an ad agency having a little fun. This is fairly common practice at ad agencies, as many of the “real” ads they create for clients are boring. Fake/scam/spec ads like this one (which was never endorsed by Ford) allow the members of the creative team to think outside the box in ways that their day-to-day projects don’t allow.

    It’s bad enough that the “mainstream media” is running wild with this non-story, there’s no reason for the misinformation to be repeated here.

  2. It’s a cool ad but those aren’t the Kardashian sisters. The sisters aren’t that good looking. Maybe the artist took some liberties and improved the physics for the ads campaign.

  3. I’m on the side that it’s wrong Jennifer (even though this is not a real ad commissioned by Ford). I might not have been against it ten years ago, but now I have three kids and you start to pay more attention to everything.

    I know…I know…”YAWN” for everyone without kids. Pretend a kid is like your smartphone and every time a commercial like this runs, it gets dunked in salt water.

    I am lucky, my kids a very bright and have common sense, but every once and a while something comes up in discussion and you wonder where the hell that came from.

    Is it not possible to advertise without debasing? I just recently read an article in a local rag and the author used rape to get a point across. Are you kidding me? Come up with another metaphor my friend. People who have been raped might be reading it.

    Jeez, I’m coming across as some sort of Puritan!

    Anyway. I feel that in public spaces available to children some discretion should be used and in general let’s err on the side of common sense and good taste.

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