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Network Fights Child Explotation Claims

Stanislav Telyatnikov, the Ukrainian millionaire who founded is not sitting down amid mass emails sent to the industry claiming that his company is involved in child exploitation. It seems that someone unknown entity had been sending under the guise of a fake charity called the “Clean Internet Charity Foundation” had targeted for attacks,  claiming that their network is associated with child exploitation, among other things — including claims that they were associated with the Russian Mafia, and were nothing but a fake company.

The company isn’t sitting down and decided to take legal action against these claims, filing a suit in United States District Court of New York against Outbrain Inc, the Clean Internet Charity Foundation and Yaron Galai. Yaron Galai, is a well known Israeli internet entrepreneur that founded Quigo, and sold to AOL in 2007. It seems that the case and story gets more complicated from here, as his involvement with the statements about MGID are unknown, and if he or his company was involved in the statements or they were just posted on his website.

Either way, received a preliminary injunction against the companies, which among other things, requires the companies to stop publishing any statements that MGID is involved in child pornography, spyware, malware, ponzi schemes or a variety of other claims that seem to have been made.

According to a statement from MGID

     Over the past several months, CICF, and persons believed to be affiliated with CICF, have been posting similar false accusations about MGID on various websites.  On January 16, 2013, in response to these attacks, MGID commenced a federal court lawsuit against CICF and others, and immediately obtained the attached injunction requiring that all such statements to be taken down.

The copy of the injunction is below

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