Instagram Now 90M Despite Privacy Scare

It seems that before Facebook acquired Instagram and invited the network to join forces with the world’s most popular social network, marketers did not show much interest in the image sharing network that has had everyone talking since it was created. It did not seem that there was much for marketers to do with Instagram, and it was hard to see how marketing with the network could bring any success. Now though, there are countless marketers and brands using Instagram and keeping up with the online consumers, and they are seeing great responses with their efforts. Instagram, despite recent issues with their privacy policies that caused user uproar, is still growing and has reached new heights.

According to Inside Facebook and an announcement made by Instagram, the network has reached a new height of 90 million monthly active users. This number was reached in just two years of existence, and despite the issues the network has been dealing with lately. Just five months ago, the company announced that it had reached 80 million monthly active users, which gives them a 10 million user growth in such a short amount of time.

With the company’s newfound 90 million monthly active users come a total of 40 million photos posted each day. The company also reports 8500 likes on Instagram each and every second. Also, the company found that the network is bringing in an average of around 1000 likes per second.

As everyone probably knows by now, Instagram’s new privacy policies and terms of service were widely misconstrued by users, and led them all to believe that their personal images would be sold for advertising purposes, among other concerns. Although Instagram had no intention of selling user photos, the outrage was so large that the company made the decision to reinstate the original terms of service and privacy policy. The only changes made were small tweaks that go hand in hand with Instagram becoming a Facebook affiliate. The changes only reflect the company’s ability to share information between itself and Facebook.

The new privacy policy and terms of service will be going into effect this coming Saturday, and despite these changes users have stuck around. The New York Post stated that a change in policies would cost Instagram at least a quarter of their daily active users, but has apparently been proven wrong, in that the number of monthly active users is reaching record highs.

So, despite rumors and threats regarding users switching over to Flickr or other photo sharing sites, Instagram continues to grow its user base, which will ultimately give Instagram marketers a higher chance of reaching a wide audience. Sure, the company had a pretty intense scare with the privacy confusion, but even though everyone jumped to the conclusion that their user base would take a heavy drop, it did not.

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