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I’m Giving Affiliates Money to Buy Media

Seriously, there is a company now out there that’s sole purpose is to work with, among other things, affiliates in order to help them buy more and more media. Murray Newlands stopped by their booth and spoke to Matt Glick from MediaFunding.com. They are working with a lot of people, including those pushing diet and credit monitoring services.  This is perhaps one of the most interesting new businesses in our industry.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a reporter with PMI-TV. Before that he was an affiliate marketer in England, trying his hand at making money online. Now he interviews people who make money online for a living!

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  1. The combinations of blogs and affiliate marketing have made so many affiliates rich. But the fact still remains that there some affiliates who combine the power of blogs and affiliate marketing but still do not make nay profit.

  2. “Hey, we’ll fund your campaign and spend the $500k/month but we need full disclosure before we agree to do so, so show us your entire campaign, traffic sources, etc. blablabl”

    I’d very skeptical on this company taking your campaign and running off with it. In the company’s defense, they’d be stupid to just put up money for just any campaign without careful analyzing it

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