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Clickbooth is Celebrating 10 Years of Success – Happy Anniversary Clickbooth!

Clickbooth is celebrating a decade of success. After 10 solid years in the fast paced and constantly evolving performance marketing industry they have made a lasting impression on the entire industry and clearly know a thing or two about long-term success. Clickbooth is proud of what they have accomplished thus far, looking toward a future of further growth and excited to thank their entire industry for their success thus far.

The affiliate network that started in John Lemp’s tiny apartment in 2002 has grown by leaps and bounds and is officially celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary. This is an unbelievable accomplishment in our industry where networks drop like flies and frequently leave affiliates with nothing but broken promises and debt. Clickbooth is a solid company, built on relationships and trust. With a decade of success under their belt, Clickbooth’s affiliate’s fully trust their network. Not only do they know their affiliate managers always have their best interests in mind but most importantly they know they never have think twice about their next paycheck; they know they will be paid fully and fairly, without fail. Anyone who works with Clickbooth shares in the stability and success of an established network that’s only getting stronger.

A lot has changed in the past decade; flash is dead, mobile and international markets are blowing up, and more than a few affiliate network’s have fallen off the map. Clickbooth has lasted through it all and shows no signs of going soft, in fact this is only the beginning of their success. As they look toward the future, Clickbooth promises to continue to be the most innovative network in the industry while protecting and serving the industry as a whole. Networks like Clickbooth must realize they have a responsibility to lead and shape the industry and Clickbooth takes this responsibility seriously every single day.

If Clickbooth can do it, why can’t everyone? The longevity and success they are celebrating can and should be industry wide. Do you want to last longer? Here are a few high-level tips direct from Clickbooth:

  • Focus on relationships – Don’t just say it, make this your mantra. Be genuine and focus on your partners first. The valued and long-term relationships Clickbooth has with their partners, clients and within the industry in general are what the company was built on.
  • Never compete with your partners – May sound ridiculous but you’d be surprised how many networks out there do compete with their partners. Clickbooth has never been an advertiser or publisher so their decisions are always in the best interest of our partners and clients.
  • Seek knowledge – Not only should you always be learning but you must demand an equal or superior knowledge from those you work with. Clickbooth’s team of affiliate managers and ad consultants not only know the industry but they work to understand your business better than even you do.
  • Embrace change – The landscape of the performance marketing industry is constantly changing and you must not only be be on top of trends and current events but also be ready to change your whole game plane on the turn of a dime. Versatility will save your business.

Clickbooth is here to be your #1 partner through good and bad times. They are established, they put partner’s first, their staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry and they are constantly evolving to become better and stronger. After ten years, it’s clear this is a network you can trust, a network that is only just beginning to show what they can achieve. 

More than anything else, Clickbooth has lasted in affiliate marketing because of the people in this industry. Thank you to every single person who has been a part of Clickbooth’s history in some way or another, even the haters. This is the most lively, exciting and enjoyable industry in the world so thank you affiliate marketing and here’s to ten more years!

Stay tuned for Clickbooth’s advancements in mobile, lead gen, list management and CBCPC!!!

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Lyndsie Ezell

Lyndsie Ezell, Director of Public Relations, began her career at IntegraClick over three years ago as a Customer Service Representative. From there she moved to creative services where she worked with clients and managed design accounts. Her creative critical thinking and progressive problem solving skills led to her promotion as Head of Public Relations and recently to Director of Public Relations.

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  1. I had the opportunity to visit the Clickbooth office a few weeks ago and meet with John, Lyndsie, and a few of the other Clickbooth employees. They seem like a great group of people. Congratulations to the entire Clickbooth crew!

  2. Congratulations ClickBooth.We look forward to more ways of monetizing content.Lets hope you have something in your sleeves next year.

  3. As an affiliate marketer based in the Tampa Bay FL area (near Clickbooth offices), I can tell you that Clickbooth is not one of our more popular local businesses in the community. They seem to fall under constant fire and controversy, locally and industry-wide. I’ve also known several ex-employees, none of which have anything great to say about the company or management. I was a Clickbooth publisher and was underwhelmed by their offers, platform and reporting. I also find them to have a superiority complex as a corporate culture in terms of publisher acceptance and “requirements”. At the end of the day, their offers certainly do not warrant a publisher screening process – their just not that special. I have moved on to work with more innovative & progressive networks that are actually paying attention to what is happening in the industry. Honestly, I’m surprised that they have lasted a decade and can guarantee they won’t make another 10 years.

  4. It’s great to see a company, that against the odds at times, has continued to grow and flourish. Having worked with the Clickbooth team, I am glad they are doing so well. It’s proof that you can be sustainable in this industry and that small business can succeed.

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