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New CPA Optimization Exchange Launched

Bevo Media has just announced the launching of their new platform, The Bevo Media Exchange. The platform features a fully built-in yield optimization service, known as the CPAOptimizer. The new Bevo Media Exchange allows users to display their highest converting offer and landing page combination for each given impression. The Bevo Exchange is essentially the performance marketing version of the Right Media Exchange and The Rubicon Project.

With the new platform, Bevo Media also introduced their Fingerprint Pixel tracking. This tracking method is a new cookieless, cross domain tracking method, which is seemingly miles better and more accurate than the industry standard cookie and subID based tracking methods.

Another major unique feature of the Bevo Media Exchange Platform is that it actually allows users to retrieve their affiliate links from their networks right from the Exchange’s interface. This feature essentially allows affiliates to run their entire campaign from the Bevo Platform.

The Bevo Media Exchange is now live at

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Ryan Bukevicz

Ryan Bukevicz is the founder & CEO of, a One-Stop Internet Marketing Homebase for Affiliate Marketers everywhere.

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  1. This stuff has been around for ages, like well over a decade. I know, I’ve built ad networks and tracking systems, some that rival CJ, for over 12 years now.

    Showing the best performing offer/landing page combo is pretty fundamental and I was building systems that utilized multi-tier, hybrid cookie/cookieless tracking for private affiliate tracking systems way back in 2001.

    Unfortunately, affiliates and merchants just don’t care much about about network technologies. If they did, DirectTrack would have gone out of business way before DR bought them out. I’m amazed they didn’t suffer a major outage a long time ago. I’ve worked with the DT source code, it’s a rats nest.

    That’s why I decided not to launch my own ad network that ran on a system I built that was at least 5 years ahead of anything at the time. In fact, it has game changing features that to this day, no other network or network solution provider has come up with.

    Even thought I had the best technical solution, it’s all about the exclusive deals with advertisers and offering the highest payout.

    Good luck with Bevo. Hopefully you can use better technology to win out over the hoard of inbred “me too” networks.

  2. I’ve used many of Bevo’s products in the past and they’ve all been top-notch and very slick and worked as they promised to work. I haven’t tried this one out yet but I’m about to as I have several campaigns where I could really use this type of auto-balancing. If you run 1 or 2 campaigns at a time at low volume, this won’t be of much value for you but if you have dozens of campaigns going at the same time, this could save a lot of time.

  3. Angelo,

    There is actually a big difference with Bevo that I think you are missing. Bevo is actually a tracking platform for affiliates (not networks). Affiliates don’t use DirectTrack, the networks do, and the affiliates are the ones doing the optimizing. Also, Bevo already was one of the most popular solutions for affiliates to track their campaigns before launching their new platform, so they definitely have the leverage to implement this type of optimization technology. Considering other options, which are essentially Tracking202 and CPV Lab, this new Bevo Exchange platform absolutely blows them out of the water. I’ve been using their optimizer for a little over a day now and I’m quite impressed with how it works thus far.

    As a side note, I think this is a great fit for a company like Rubicon Project/Pubmatic. It’s basically yield optimization, but in a complimentary segment of online marketing. I think I may be MORE impressed with Bevo’s interface than Rubicon’s or Pubmatic’s.

  4. Seems like another good one from Bevo! I have been using some of Bevo products and is really helping me a lot. I might give this a try soon.

  5. UI love the fact that you can simply get all of your aff links from the Bevo Platform and basically run the whole campaign from there. Thats got to be a huge time savor.

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