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4 Google+ Content Marketing Tips

Social media marketing done intelligently leads to better content marketing. Why? Because people love social sharing.

Google+, the social network by the big G is proving to be the ultimate content marketing platform.

The social network is growing by leaps and bounds, and is bound to grow further. With millions of users, lots of sharing and an opportunity to get more out of your SEO – you can’t ignore Google+ as an online marketer.

Given below are 4 effective Google+ marketing tips to help you get started:

#1: Make the First Impression Count

Google+ is a social network through which your target audience will get in touch with you and you with them. Right from your prospects to your customers to your potential JV partners – you’ll be connecting with different people. This is why you should see to it that you’re not leaving any stones unturned.

Make the best first impression by filling out your personal profile and page profile. Introduce yourself the right way in the description box and don’t forget to include your contact details along with links to your other social media properties like Facebook and Twitter.

#2: Promote Your Page

Creating a Google+ page is not enough, you need to go out there and actively promote it to drive traffic to it. By simply adding a link to your Google+ page on your website or blog can make your visitors aware of it.

As an online marketer, you should know how to leverage Google+ in the best possible way. You should take advantage of features such as Google Badges, where you can have a badge displayed on your site that leads back to your page.

You should also consider adding the popular +1 button to your website or blog. It lets your visitors/readers recommend your page with a click of a button. Your website will generate three times more visitors when you use the Google+ button on it.

#3: Connect to Your Target Audience with Images

If you want to use Google+ to create a better relationship with your target audience then leverage photos. You can include pictures that educate your audience and give them a better understanding of your product or service.

These can be graphics that you specifically created for your Google+ page or could be simple images that convey your message. You can upload them to your scrapbook and greet your visitors with targeted messages. This not only helps your followers but also makes it easy for you to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

#4: Know Your Google+ Audience

Google+ is an amazing platform to deliver your targeted message to an interested audience. However, keep in mind that this platform isn’t the regular Facebook and Twitter, which is the audience will be different as well.

Knowing and understanding your audience on Google+ is crucial because that will help you connect better. You can get to know them by:

  • Running polls to get targeted feedback
  • Asking relevant questions for more insight
  • Sharing valuable content that spreads
  • Interacting on a consistent basis

The whole idea here is to target and tailor your message according to the wants/needs of your audience.

How do you use Google+ for marketing? Share your tips below in the comments!

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Mustafa Khundmiri

Mustafa Khundmiri is a staff writer for Performance Marketing Insider. He is also the co-founder of - a knowledge hub for entrepreneurs.

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  1. It has yet to be seen how effective Google + will be for content marketing. There lies a lot of challenges with how the social network lets you discover and add people to your network, yet it’s so sophisticated with excellent features, we sure hope it catches up with what content marketers need.

    1. It will definitely take some time before content marketing with Google+ catches up, but even now it presents some really good opportunities to take advantage of.

  2. Google Plus has a potential of spreading your content and helping you in gaining traffic for your website. More than a social networking site, Google Plus is a information sharing engine.

  3. Content marketing is something that can easily get pushed to the side when things get busy. It’s important to stay on track. If you’re going to operate a business blog, you need to keep it active. Develop an editorial calendar that has content activities outlined for weeks or months in advance and follow it.

  4. I can tell you from experience that using all of the google tools to share your message will certainly help with your ranking. It’s not a cut and dry hit to gain position in search results but it does help. If everyone is searching on google then it only makes sense to play their game. Hence utilize every aspect of content marketing, social tools as well as their anylitics. This will surely show your dedication to the search giant and weather try admit it or not you will be rewarded trust me!
    Thanks for the tips! Consider me a new follower and I look forward to more of your posts and content regarding Internet marketing.
    Chris Picanzo founder of

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