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Ben POF Reveals Secrets of POF

People ask me all the time how to get started with Plenty of Fish Ads. In fact, they usually send a message like “You’re totally like the Jeremy Lin of Online Marketing, how do I get started making slam dunks with POF.” Of course, the references are really accurate, and POF is definitely Lin-Tastic. Instead of having to reply to thousands and thousands of fan mails that I get weekly, it seemed to me that I should simply lay it out so everyone knows how to get started to making money with affiliate offers on POF.

 1. Pick a niche demographic and stay with it until you get a positive ROI. It’s no secret that with every new traffic source, there are going to be some growing pains as you learn the ins and outs. Minimize the cost (and the risk) by choosing a smaller demographic. Choose ad copy and images that relate to your demographic to increase believably and, hopefully, performance.

 2. Split test ads. I recommend between 5-10 different ads to start. 5 images and 2 ad copies is ideal so you can see which ad copy performs better with each image. Newer advertisers tend to put all their eggs in one basket by only uploading one ad. DO NOT DO THIS!! Even the most seasoned POF advertiser is consistently trying to outperform themselves.

 3. Split test demographics. Just because your offer accepts traffic from the US, Canada and UK, does NOT mean all those countries should go into 1 campaign. Why? Because if you spent $100 on traffic, you’ll have no idea which country took up the traffic and thus, will be unable to associate performance with any country in particular. Same goes with gender and age (5-10 year increments is ideal). It’s best to split things up so you can identify what is making you money and what is losing you money.

4. Split test bids. POF delivers your ad according to how much CPM you bid: the highest CPM ads get shown to the user first, followed by the second highest and so forth. So while you may want to bid low to minimize initial costs, you may be shooting yourself in the foot by having your ad delivered after the user has seen 25 similar ads already. I’ve had many times where advertisers would increase their bids and all of a sudden their campaigns became profitable because of the priority in delivery.

 5. Landing Pages. In my opinion, always start with the direct link for a week. This establishes a baseline of performance for you to compare your landing pages too. I would say almost all of POF’s top guys are using landers so it’s a skill worth learning and mastering.


For more FREE information, check out the POF advertising blog at where I post the best tips, tricks, tools and case studies to help you make the most out of your advertising venture at POF.


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Ben Louie

Ben Louie is the Head of Advertising at He is primary contact for all advertising-related inquiries. He basically does everything from maintaining and supporting new and existing advertisers, managing a customer service team to ensure quality control of the advertisements that appear on and developing new additions to our advertising platform to increase usability, efficiency and profitability.

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  1. Brand new accounts don’t get shown ads on and the lifetime of a fake account is quite short as we have a team dedicated to removing these types of accounts. You can also target by log-ins so assuming fake accounts don’t stay on for long, you advertising dollars will be spent on a higher log-ins and thus REAL users. More than you can say about a LOT of other platforms out there!

  2. If anyone knows the platform, it’s Ben. He’s helped me a lot in the past and I’ve never known him to be one to hold back information, good or bad, regarding PoF.

    He’s dead on about the fake profiles – people don’t hang around on them for long, they don’t get a high login count, so you can effectively avoid them by targeting higher logins. Not to mention 95% of the advertisers target the lowest level of logins, which is common short sightedness on their part. Those of us who target that other 5% do so at much lower bids with better returns and are more likely to put ads in front of the right people – assuming we run our campaigns right.

    PoF is a great ad platform and I’m a huge fan of it. Also Ben is a straight up gangster.

  3. I haven’t heard about Plenty of Fish marketing yet, but it sounds really interesting. I’ve just checked the blog you’ve mentioned, and I’ve just got more curious. I think I should give this one a try as soon as possible, I’m really amazed!

    1. Sounds good Julie, let me know if this comes to fruition and I’ll personally take a look at your campaigns to make sure your first few steps advertising on POF are headed in the right direction 🙂

      1. Hi Ben–

        I have some bad news for you (not that the Plenty of Fish Ads doesn’t sound intriguing…).

        If you could please do me a favor and erase the comment above by “Julie.” She is using my identity and spammed my site, big time. I came across this website after I saw numerous links from my analytics. You may want to check “her” out–last I checked the site was in Hamburg, Germany.

        I’d really appreciate this and good luck with your site :).

        The Real Talk Therapy Biz

        1. Linda did you use a link building or SEO service? Unfortunately when you sometimes use those services they don’t tell you what they do.

          1. The problem is I’ve been spammed, and so have you buddy! Do me a favor, ask your rational mind if it’s logical that “Julie” owns a pscyhotherapy website that happens to post on dental implants…

            Or you could remain in denial. Your website, your choice.

  4. I have been hearing a lot about POF and so far all of them were good. I like the tips you presented especially on not spilling all the information in one ad. This could lessen the quality and may not effectively deliver the desired message.

  5. I am not very much familiar with POF when it comes in advertising but I had already some blogs about it. Anyway, there are a lot of ways now in the internet in advertising such products or whatever it is. Nice share, thanks!

  6. “1. Pick a niche demographic and stay with it until you get a positive ROI.” i agree with this post mostly , but No1 is best tip i think
    thanks for sharing

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