Forensiq / CPA Detective

Forensiq, Formerly Known as CPA Detective is a fraud intelligence service that evaluates digital forensics to provide real-time insight into each visitor’s reputation for anyone doing business online. We offer innovative solutions for advertisers, networks, and marketing services companies where data quality is essential for achieving optimal campaign performance and building trusted relationships.


Based on our findings, between 7-30% of all affiliate traffic is fraudulent. This introduces multiple inefficiencies to an affiliate marketing program and a growing demand for a suite of solutions.

– Advertisers are unnecessarily paying for form-filled leads that are either fake, diluted, or from unwanted sources and are not achieving the optimal ROI for their advertising dollar.

– Networks face a high risk of advertiser chargebacks after they have paid their affiliates for the traffic. Fraud makes it even harder for networks to find trusted partners and scale their offers.

– Call centers & lead buyers incur additional costs to manually verify fraudulent leads. These leads have very low success per dial and contact rates that dramatically decrease a call center’s efficiency.

Our fraud audits demonstrate that most companies are not detecting the increasingly sophisticated tactics and can immediately optimize their campaign efficiency by implementing our fraud tracking and real-time scoring solutions.

Contact us today for a demonstration of our capabilities and to take advantage of a free trial to understand the current impact of fraud on your business.


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