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How to Build Amazing Landing Pages

Yes, there is a formula to create killer landing pages. Anyone can build a landing page with specific elements that are designed to make you money. BUT, it’s not all about the obvious elements on the landing page that can shoot your conversions through the roof. Do you want higher conversions? That’s a silly question, let me rephrase. Do you want to increase your conversion rate by 75%?

You can cram your landing page with buttons, arrows, calls to action, and imagery but your visitor is only going to get lost in the clutter. If you stop using the obvious methods of optimization and stick to the concepts below, you are sure to see an immediate increase in your ROI and click-through rate.

1. Content Is King

You have three seconds to capture the attention of the viewer. Ready, set…I’ve probably already lost you. Take a look at this…

Increase Your Conversions 75% In Just Minutes, Find Out How Here.

(Chances are you probably read that before anything else on this page.)

Capture the attention and engage the viewer based on their needs, wants, and even personality. You wouldn’t want a 24-year-old girl trying to sell you a muscle-building supplement from her point of view. There’s the disconnect right there. Step into the shoes of your visitor, and really get to know your target audience.

Never underestimate the use of capitalization, bolding, italics and font size. As many viewers quickly scan through the page, something as minor as a font size can grab their attention immediately. Also, make a checklist and run through your landing page to check for these:

  • Match your Message: The content of your landing page should match your email and banner creatives
  • Use Simple, Relevant Language: Get to the point! Visitors won’t read through lengthy copy
  • Don’t Hide the Message: Make sure your message is easy to find and stands out
  • Above the Fold: A strong headline, bullets of benefits, and a clear call-to-action can seal the deal!

2. Give The Animal The Meat

Aka give the visitor exactly what they’re looking for. Don’t hide the call-to-action, and only focus on one primary action per screen. You only have a few seconds to turn interest into a conversion, so make the call to action visible, the navigation simple, and the content relevant. End of story.




3. A Picture Is Worth Nothing?

Wrong. Your imagery is often the first thing a visitor sees when landing on your page. The key is to rotate and test images. You need to consistently track results from your campaign. This includes click-throughs, conversions, page views, and ROI. Spend the time and money to get high-quality images. It will boost your legitimacy and build visitor trust.


4. Establish Visitor Trust

Think about your buying process when making online purchases. The Internet is tricky. Since people are already scared to send their credit card information into the black abyss we call the Internet, it’s more important than ever to hammer in the legitimacy factor. How do you do this? Implement these elements to your landing page:

  • High Quality Product Shots
  • Hard-hitting Testimonials
  • Customer Service Number/Email
  • Media Logos
  • Link to Privacy Policy
  • Verified and Secure Payment Method
  • Guarantee Statement

5. Flaunt Your Fonts

Ask any designers for their favorite fonts, and I’m sure they’ll ramble on for hours about obscure font names and their endless collections. The fact of the matter is…fonts do matter!

Designers use websites like to download FREE fonts. Their goto-fonts for the web are typically sans serif because it’s easier on the eyes. What I’m typing in right now is actually sans serif, you’re welcome. ;)


6. Avoid In Your Face Tactics

Imagine walking into a store and being bombarded by the first employee you see. It probably makes you want to walk right out of the store. Now, imagine a landing page and picture the employees being all the different elements on that page. Don’t clutter your page or make your visitors feel overwhelmed by pushing them to make a quick decision.

A balance is key. Your visitor clicks your banner, text ad, or email creative for a reason. They want to be there, don’t drive them way. The landing page below balances a call to action, form, imagery, and targeted content without being too cluttered.





landing page created by CC design

7. Perfect Your Creatives

Match your creatives to your landing page. This means overall design, content, imagery, and call-to-action. Ask yourself this: How does a visitor get to the page and how do you leave them feeling in the end of the conversion process?

8. Mind Your Manners

After a visitor completes the conversion processes and pays for the product, what’s next? Remember it’s not over, yet. Adding another segment to your landing page is clutch. Drum-roll please….the thank you page. This will leave a positive feeling with your users and let them know that their purchase is much appreciated! Remember, your brand goes well beyond your landing page

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Amy Capomaccio

Amy Capomaccio is a guest editor for PACEDm. Amy is an accomplished affiliate and performance marketing writer, having written for Clickbooth for many years. When she's not writing for PACEDm, she's doing yoga or listening to music.

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  1. Thanks for the refreshment course on building a great landing page. Too often people think burying the "wow meter" is all that matters but all the prospect sees are the steaming piles of hype.

  2. Point #5..Fonts
    Totally agree "Fonts are important"… BUT have been under the impression that unless the font used is part of an image its display is dependent on the fonts available on the viewers computer. Therefore, if the message displayed is conventional HTML, the font used may not be the one displayed. Am I wrong??

    1. That's what I understood, too… if the font you use in your HTML/CSS code doesn't exist on your client's machine, the browser will choose another one from your list to display. So if you choose an oddball font from that site and not many people have it installed, then it won't display but instead will use a different font anwyay… if you convert your landing page to something else (PHP? PDF? WTF?) then maybe that's different…?

    2. That was light years ago. Technology has advanced to the point where you can have any font that you use in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark etc.

      By use of a little javascript or flash or google fonts you can transform a regular site into something amazing.

      Tools to use are Cufon, @fontface, Sifr and google fonts.

  3. I like your comments about 'above the fold' elements… and to treat the elements of a landing page as employees at a store – being careful not to drive away the (prospective) customer! Thanks also for the link for free fonts…good stuff!

  4. But what happens when you get sucked into hours of font-selection & the like? Or is it better to hire someone to design a good landing page for you? I hear about the outsourcing thing a lot that's supposed to free me up to work on other things for my sites… and if I outsource, where are some good places to go?

  5. The information provided is just great, I always remember the "KISS" factor "Keep It Simple Stu…" and your technics are just that, Thank You so Much…Louis

  6. Great points, however no landing page is complete without testing. Conversion Doubler is the smartest A/B & multivariate testing solution available. It allows you to create powerful and effective tests on your website in minutes – then watch as your conversion rate increases. No page tagging. No coding. Just point-and-click simplicity paired with powerful reporting.

    Demo it at and get a free 30 day trial too!

  7. To retain any give font, the only guaranteed way is to make it into a graphic. I do this all the time using png files.

    Check out how to kill with a headline font in front of scribbled yellow highlights on my capture page. You will need to use a graphic's program to recreate it.

  8. Thanks Pace
    All very good points. I find it hard to write anything and when I do I still keep changing and updating it even after I have published it.

  9. Very interesting post, it can be difficult to create a landing page that really takes in new signs ups, though usually simple, uncluttered with a simple and strong message like you stated works to take on new customers or subscribers.

  10. Thanks for sharing this! Good compliant Landing Pages changed everything for my campaigns, thanks to friends in private forum and articles like these. With a good lander you can scale you profitable campings on any network for BIG profits!

  11. Very useful post. Your article alone could be used as examples of proper technique (with the methods of bold and bullet points that you used to get your message across.) One thing that I've found also works through testing is the use of Color schemes and finding colors that complement each other and whatever product/service is being promoted/

  12. I like your comments about 'above the fold' elements… Thanks for sharing. I also try not to be too pushy with my landing pages.

  13. I enjoyed your post but don't like the landing page example. I'm one of the many people who can't/won't read reverse printing. It hurts my eyes and makes me work. I'm a prospect for the product but would click away as soon as I saw the reverse.
    I know there's still debate about this but if reverse were more effective, Amazon, Google,ebay etc. would be using it.
    In Oglivy on Advertising, David Oglivy says never use reverse and references a campaign that response improved over 80% just by getting rid of the reverse. Given the time and money in a campaign, I wouldn't risk losing prospects because a designer thinks reverse is cool

  14. Pingback: Yosh
  15. I think it’s also advisable to consider the loading time of your landing page. It’s necessary to pay attention to this factor as this may be one of the deciding factor if you’ll get a sale or not.

  16. Nice write up. There’s something so daunting to most people about landing pages. I think it’s just that most business owners are so caught up in just getting a good website, they look at this landing page thing as something that “we’ll get to”. Of course, most don’t. But as you point out, if they did get to it, they’d see so much more success.

    I’ve recently created a set of free landing page templates that work with the excellent Premise plugin from I made these templates because I needed them for my business, so why not give them away for others to use. Note: The templates work with Premise, which is something you have to purchase. But still, the cost is minimal and the reward of creating amazing landing pages on the cheap is worth it, in my opinion.

  17. Very helpful post. I especially appreciated the examples you showed. I liked the less cluttered one with the white background best but if you just have to use more content and more elements, the one with the black background would certainly be a great one to emulate.

  18. Good write up. Also surprised there is no mention of conversion tracking (okay a little when you mention rotating images) but split testing with something like Website Optimizer is so essential in landing page design.

    Also, btw. Look at your newsletter sign up page in Internet Explorer, it shows up as a dark blue box with black text in it… maybe testing on multiple browsers should be #9 😉

  19. Great article for the basics of conversion and optimization. I would also add that you need also to think about where a customer enters the conversation with your brand. This means that someone coming from a PPC search is going to have different expectations than if they came from a banner click.

    In PPC, the person is usually seeking the answer to a question. A banner, like a TV commercial, is interruptive. Thus, you will WANT TO answer the question for the PPC person, and for the Banner person, you want to get the main Unique Selling Propositions in their face right away to keep their interest.

    In my experience, there is no single silver bullet landing page. If you want to really improve conversions, understand what the motivation is from where the end user starts the conversation with you. Then satisfy their needs.


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