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Five Revenue and Traffic Generating Products That All Affiliates Must Test

Too many affiliates are one-hit wonders, learning one system or one tool and going out and only using that tool. So many people are dependent on Google or Facebook as the only source of traffic, and can’t see that there are tons of other ways to drive traffic, most of them a lot cheaper and a lot more effective. While I can’t guarantee that all of these will make your certain product money, I can pretty much assure you that at least two of them will be proven money makers and generate quality traffic with just a little work and time.


1)   7Search
I’ve been recommending 7search for years, because its still one of the top alternative PPC and search engines. For a while however, I have to be honest that the traffic quality was getting pretty bad, but in the last several months my clients and partners have told me that the quality has gone through the roof.  One of my friends had a consistant $500 a month spend, but suddenly is spending over 25k a month with the new quality keywords. Here is a great article on how to become profitable while using 7Search.


2)  DirectCPV
If you are into creating fast results, DirectCPV is the the contextual cost per view network that everyone is currently recommending. I personally know the CEO of the company, who has been a major player in our industry for a long time – and he’s told me that their inventory levels are growing weekly in large amounts, providing plenty of opportunities for any new affiliates to use their system. According to, they are a great system that has “great support”, “fast approval” and “very cost effective advertising.” Sign up here.


3) Relevad’s AdBidder
This is a great bidding system that is not being used much by affiliates right now, and has a lot of extra inventory in different categories that are very popular. It has both demographically and geo-targeted campaigns that will work amazing with specific campaigns, but also a great RON platform for the general campaigns. I really like this system mainly because it’s basically unknown to the affiliate media buying community. That being said, there is a great sales person over there who has promised to work with every marketer to ensure their campaign does the best it can.


4) PlentyofFish. Commonly known as or just PoF by “Poffers”, this is one of the top secrets of affiliate marketing.  For those that don’t know PoF is a free dating site, that makes all of its income just on the ads. What is really great about PoF is that it’s a lot less strict than Facebook (thus you can use a bit more dirty ads) and that there is less competition than Facebook. Supernarrow targeted offers do really well on PoF. There is also a really good PoF advertising loader by Mr. Green at  for only $100 one-time fee.


5)  AdOn Network. Out of the desert of Arizona comes AdOn Network,  (For years I secretly called it the HardOn Network) which has been around forever but still isn’t on the radar of many affiliates. This is probably one of the biggest opportunities for affiliate marketers – you have to try it. While they have a PPC ad system that is pretty damn effective, (over 3M clicks delivered daily) they also have pop-under advertising that is available that I hear can kick ass.  I hear they are about to launch campaigns targeting affiliate marketers, so this may be a secret no longer.


Why try other solutions? Simply, if you have something that is working on one system, it’s a good bet something similar will work on another system. Yes, there are those guys looking to game the system, create fraudulent advertisements and trick users – but they get caught, sued by consumers, put in jail by the feds. Long term solutions aren’t from what the “gurus” teach you, but testing different methods to learn what works. None of programs require much money spent to test them, so it’s a good chance that something will work with just a little bit of trying.

Relevad’s AdBidder

Huge Traffic Generator Found here

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. DirectCPV suckssssssssssss…. Cant get anything working there and the traffic is junk… at least IMHO!

    1. Actually pretty easy – you want to start with keywords that are relevant and bid as low as possible. Make sure you hit your ROi.

      It's very similar to google 🙂

  2. Hi there Pace,
    Thanks for the great article, I'll give a few of those a try out.
    I think I'll start with 7search

    regards Jeff.

  3. DCPV has been getting better. I have been comparing Direct CPV with Media Traffic and the results with DCPV are quite good. Some URL campaigns with DCPV get more traffic and conversions than MT (exact same targets)

  4. ppc = waste of time. Funny story, not "haha funny but bizarre. I got banned from Adwords (for life) . LOL, like I care….They said I violated their advertising rules. Only rule of theirs I violated was refusing to continue forking over my money to them. None of the ads I ran nor websites I published violated anything because I triple checked everything with their policies before running the ads, but I guess they ban you for ignoring them altogether for over a year. Funny thing happened the other day though, since I don't need adwords, and I've ignored them with their "contact us about your account" messages for the past 6 months, they sent me twice now, two $100 dollar free advertising gift card thingy and a letter claiming I have been re-instated and once again allowed to advertise with the mighty Google. Yes, I really want to give you my money for nothing, I gave the free 100 dollar cards to my 4 year old to play with or destroy or whatever. I learned my lesson long time ago, and that is PPC is not even necessary and it really is fun when you can rank high organically on Google and get traffic for free. Adwords really means Minus Your Money.

  5. The AdOn Network link doesn't work for some reason for me. I am using Firefox 4.0.1 and it is trying to do a javascript popup and goes nowhere. Thanks PS. I found the network by searching Google.

  6. I was tested all the 4 sources of traffic all the traffic was crap and garbage but 1 source (PlentyofFish) has good traffic and you can got dating leads

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