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New Do-Follow Article Submission Sites List

New Do-Follow Article Submission Sites List

by Pace Lattin2011-01-17

If you aren’t familiar with article writing for traffic, it is still one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic to your website about specific topics. If you are trying to write articles about education offers, not such a good idea, because the market is completely saturated, but if you have a new topic, especially a new trend topic, it could be a great way to get attention to your product or products. For affiliates, this can be a sure-fire method of generating traffic to a topic-specific blog. One guru will charge you money to get this list as part of his “secret” to how to do article marketing.  I’ve decided that it’s easier to give to you for free. Pace Lattin tells us what we need to do.

Of course, if you are going to do this, I highly recommend learning to write many articles or getting a really good article spinning program. If you are like many of us, here is a whole article spinning (rewriting program) and submission program that will do some of the work for you. Please note some people really hate article spinning, and some love it. Either way, if you want to take a little time out of your normal marketing techniques any long-time affiliate marketer will tell you that submitting articles is always a plus.

  1. Page Rank 7
  2. Page Rank 7
  3. Page Rank 6
  4. Page Rank 6 (With 10 articles, will change to do-follow)
  5. Page Rank 6
  6. Page Rank 6
  7. Page Rank 6
  8. Page Rank 6
  9. Page Rank 5
  10. Page Rank 5
  11. Page Rank 5
  12. Page Rank 5
  13. Page Rank 5
  14. Page Rank 5
  15. Page Rank 5
  16. Page Rank 5
  17. Page Rank 5
  18. Page Rank 5
  19. Page Rank 5
  20. Page Rank 5
  21. Page Rank 4
  22. Page Rank 4
  23. Page Rank 4
  24. Page Rank 4
  25. Page Rank 4
  26. Page Rank 4
  27. Page Rank 4
  28. Page Rank 4
  29. Page Rank 4
  30. Page Rank 4 (Now No-Follow)
  31. Page Rank 4
  32. Page Rank 3
  33. Page Rank 3
  34. Page Rank 3
  35. Page Rank 3
  36. Page Rank 3
  37. Page Rank 3
  38. Page Rank 3
  39. Page Rank 3
  40. Page Rank 3
  41. Page Rank 3
  42. Page Rank 3
  43. Page Rank 3
  44. Page Rank 2
  45. Page Rank 2
  46. Page Rank 0
  47. Page Rank 0
  48. Page Rank 0
  49. Page Rank 0
  50. Page Rank
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