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Deputy Director of Republican Party of San Diego Scammed $50 Million to Get Trump Elected

If someone asks you to rent your FB account promising thousands of dollars in rental money to you, although it is tempting, it is an elaborate scam that was started by CEO and founder of Ads, Inc named Asher Burke in 2015 – just in time for the 2016 election season. 

Burke was at that time the deputy political director of the Republican Party of San Diego California. As owner Ads, Inc he was in a great position of influence. 

The scams generated over $50M in revenue to him and his 20 employees, and he claims he paid rental fees to thousands of Facebook users – But it all came with a catch: ] getting Donald Trump elected as President at any expense. 

The financing was paid to Ads, Inc and involved baiting FB users into a subscription trap which means signing up for one trial offer and getting locked into a monthly fee that was impossible to cancel until you canceled the credit card itself. 

The second scam was renting FB accounts to run ads (political, scam products, etc) – which accounts for so many cloned accounts that were so prevalent at the time.

There were so many black hat actors like Cambridge Analytics and Ads Inc that Donald Trump was confidently able to brag that there was no way people wouldn’t vote for him by the time all the ducks were lined up in a row.

Asher Burke very smartly kept his name aside from all this if any raid of FTC occurs, it’s his partner Ralph who will suffer or if it is about the seizure of assets then the assets of Ralph and Winston, head of the rented accounts, will be under consideration.

The process of securing Facebook accounts is also a masterpiece, the employees of Ads Inc. or Winston didn’t pitch directly to people but built up a network of women-who worked for them and that network was named Stay-At-Home Moms. It was a multi-level marketing and social media manipulation business in which he has hired these remote workers called ‘bundlers’ to post messages to Facebook to recruit families and friends to rent their accounts.

In return for the Facebook logins, the account holders got $10 initially and between $15 and $30 later. Once someone agrees to rent their respective Facebook accounts, then the owner of the account has to change the settings to run the ads, document each step with screenshots and then they receive Raspberry Pi computer which is ultimately attached to their home router, through which Ads Inc. managed all the ads and they got unlimited access to person’s personal account.  That’s how Ads Inc. hides from getting caught because there is no evidence of placing ads by Ads Inc.

Facebook’s “Account Switcher” requires no additional logins or password and it is a back door for bad actors to use your account without you ever knowing — unless you habitually check your LOGINS to see if there is activity at a time when you were not on your device OR if you leave tons of OPEN login sessions that bad actors can use at the same time you are on Facebook.

Even Stranger, right after this scam was exposed and he started to be questioned by the FBI and local police, he died in a mysterious helicopter crash in Kenya — with his body so mangled that identification was impossible to do.

Of course, conspiracy theorist point out that his father then took over the company, and tried to “make it legit” right after, leading many to believe he faked his own death and escaped to some offshore haven to keep his money.

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