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Top 10 Conversion Optimization Proven Tips to Increase Your Sales

The organization that understands the vitality of conversion optimization and takes necessary steps for the same, gets better revenue growth, brand exposure, and inbound lead generation. Generating tons of organic traffic on your website is not enough to boost the brand’s growth rate. But if that traffic is not converting to something like a sale, downloads, signup to your email list, etc. then, believe me, there is no benefit of having such huge organic traffic on your website.

So, in this post, we would discuss;

The top 10 conversion optimization proven tips which would help you in increasing your sales:

Before we dwell into our main topic, let’s first try to know;

What’s a good conversion Rate?

Do you know? According to WordStream analysis, a good conversion rate generally hovers around 2% to 5%.  A good conversion rate is a very difficult thing to answer as every niche and industry have different methods to calculate the conversion rates. In words of Peep Laja, founder of ConversionXL and CXL Institute, Good Conversion Rate is simply defined as:

“A good conversion rate is something which is delivering better than what it delivered the last month”.

Let’s dive in now:

1). Create a compelling and clear value proposition:

The Value proposition is one of the most important conversion factors. It is the answer to the question “Why people should buy it from you”. Many businesses get confused between the value proposition for your company and your product.

Through the value proposition, you can always try to let your buyers know what is unique about your company and your products/ services in comparison of others.

2). Make your Website Navigation Better:

It is important to make your most frequently searched content easily accessible. To achieve this, craft your navigation menu intelligently. Remove friction within your conversion funnel, which will help shoppers start shopping and fast.

Below are some of the rules to polish your website navigation better:

3). Improve Your In-Store Search to Increase Conversions:

In-store search can harm your business in the form of lost sales. To find out, if users are actively using product search or not and how it is converting, go to Google Analytics (Content > Site Search > Usage). 

 To avoid such things, you need to follow below-mentioned practices:

  • Test for accuracy
  • Implement auto-suggestions
  • Also, ensure your search function is displayed

4). Make Your Homepage an Open Door:

When you are dealing with online customers, all you get is three seconds to make an impression. But remember, you don’t have to overdo on your homepage. It may look confusing and hence the loading time will also increase up. Instead, keep the homepage simple and easy to navigate. You can also add following features;

  • “Add to cart” buttons
  • Include a carousel slider (to push customers to trendy section)
  • Call out important information
  • Feature your top-sellers

5). Build Trust:

Having a great product is never going to get you customers until and unless you build trust on your potential customers’ mind. Have you ever wondered why people don’t buy a product from you even if you offer a great deal? It’s because:

  • The customer doesn’t require it.
  • He/she don’t have enough money.
  • They are not in a hurry to buy that product.
  • They don’t trust you.

We cannot do anything for the first three, but we can work on the fourth option, i.e. “we can make your brand/ product look trustworthy”. For this, let your website possess the following things:

  • Design your site in the most professional way possible
  • Easy verification of the accuracy of the information on your site
  • Give easy and hassle-free contact option.

6). Show Proof:

Let me ask you a question. Will you buy a product from a company if they don’t hold any record? Will it be easy for you to trust them without any proof? Well, I know your answer. So, what kind of proofs will you provide to your target audience? Some of them are listed below:

     The results of scientific tests and studies;

  • Social proof
  • Third- party reviews
  • Show a good demo
  • Customer testimonials
  • Case Studies

7). Compare yourself with your competition even before your visitors do:

Every business has its competition (direct or indirect). About 80% of the people do their online research and homework before buying products. So, you need to compare your products with those of the competitors to make them better and yield better results.

8). Reduce or remove risk:

All types of transaction carry various risk with it. If the risks seem bigger, obviously a sale is difficult to happen. So, how to avoid it? One way is to offer guarantees to eliminate or reduce the perceived risks your potential buyers might have. For example: Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free.

9). Make it easy to buy from you:

Allow people to do business with you as smoothly as possible. It should be very intuitive and self-evident. Let people buy from your site within a minute or two, with fewer clicks only!

Below methods one can take into consideration to achieve so:

  • Ask to fill minimum fields in the form
  • Never force users to sign up in order to buy
  • Avoid giving your users too many options.
  • Offer Free shipping
  • Always guide your users what they should do next.

10). Set up a sales funnel:

Do not even ask for signup from your visitors in a hurry. It might be a possibility that a visitor is just browsing or not ready to buy your product. Think of these elements before going ahead.

  • What the visitor wants: To learn about the online course
  • What you want: To let visitor buy your course
  • How to do it: Offer advice via your blog, videos, free reports, white papers or offer free drip content video course via email to them.

Summing Up:

So, these were some of the top 10 Conversion Optimization Proven Tips to Increase Your Sales. Many reputed organizations have already tested them and have got positive results. Hence, you can try them without any hesitation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or comment in the comment section below.

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