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What digital marketers need to know about cybersecurity

Leading technology vendors, major mass media, and industry experts have recently corroborated the fact that cybercrime will cost approximately $6 trillion per year by 2021. This just proves that cybercrime is the greatest threat not only for big corporations. The prediction is based on the most prominent historical cybercrime figures including a drastic increase in organized hacker activities and the covering of cyber attacks.

What tool to use to guard the most private data?

All these just proves that marketers today have to use extra tools to protect their the most sensitive data from malefactors and malware. VPN has proven itself as the most reliable tool for secure internet connection. On one can find a lot of information about VPN technology.

A VPN is able to encrypt data that is transferred between two servers. It provides a customer with a virtual IP address that will be used for an online session. The most advanced VPN services are able to guard user’s data with the help of military grade 256-bit encryption. Today VPN providers are widespread among businesses. In 2018, the global VPN market has reached 20.6 billion U.S. dollars

Cyber threats for advertising and marketing departments

These days we witness a great evolution of cybercrime. The World Wide Web, which was invented in 1989, has become a perfect place for organized cybercrime nowadays. This forces businesses all around the world to budget cybersecurity spending.  Nearly half of cyber attacks are conducted against small companies. However, raising awareness of CEOs about the safety of their businesses has led to continued spending on security products and services.

Security specialists claim that advertising department is the most obvious target for hackers and malefactors. In this regard, it is immensely important for marketers to be aware of all possible vulnerabilities.

As marketers are closely connected to networking on social media, hackers use social engineering to breach an organization’s cybersecurity. The most common type of social engineering is phishing. It is used to steal user’s credit cards details, passwords, logins, or other sensitive information. Email attachments and email links have become the number one vehicle for phishing attacks. By clicking on a malicious link, a user gives full excess to his private information. Most successful phishing attacks can lead to identity theft. A damage a hacker can wreak on a company can extend far beyond the monetary bounds.

To avoid any data breaches marketing team has to collaborate with IT to ensure they do not put the private data of a company at risk. It is also immensely important to conduct staff training and work with CISO’s to audit solutions before their usage.

To conclude marketing should take security on the Internet seriously. Along with VPN usage, they need to be extremely cautious when working with outside vendors or software that require confidential information of a company. Besides, security programs should be integrated into everything that digital marketers do.

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