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New Report Shows Brand Perception Key for Marketing

A new report released by Euclid is showing that one of the most important (yet most often overlooked) factors for marketing is the brand perception. The report looked at 1500 US consumers, asking them a number of questions about how they looked at brands, and what made them more likely to make a purchase.

For younger shoppers, a brand that had similar politics and values would make them more likely to buy. 52% of millennials said that they prefer shopping with a brand that has similar values, compared to just 35% of baby boomers who said the same thing.

Another big thing that influences some buyers is whether or not the brand has a physical retail store nearby. Only 21% of baby boomers said they would shop with a brand if they didn’t have a retail store nearby. 29% of Gen X’ers said the same thing, and 41% of millennials. This is a clear trend with the younger generations being far more comfortable doing their shopping, returns, and other activities exclusively online.

The Euclid report can be found HERE to see more results and more ways that brands can better identify with their potential customers.

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Pesach Lattin

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