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Importance of Planning a Short & Long Term Customer Retention Strategy

Coupon deals generated a 64% increase, and cash back options 54%.

When engaging in marketing it is important to take a holistic approach that will generate sales today, and keep customers coming back for years to come. Unfortunately, many brands and marketers only focus on one or the other, which can leave a lot of sales on the table and hurt the long term success of the business.

A recent report from CJ showed that coupon publishers and cash back publishers experience a great increase in cross-device purchases in the initial 24 hours after running a campaign.

Coupon deals generated a 64% increase, and cash back options 54%.

Other common marketing techniques like content marketing, search ads, and social publishing all saw their big increases in sales (38%) coming in between 8 and 49 days after they had last interacted with the ads or other marketing.

Owen Hancock, the head of strategy at CJ Affiliate, said, “Comparatively, search, social and content campaigns have a longer payoff period, but often create a longer-lasting, more memorable impact on consumer buying behavior.”

By combining both short term strategies such as coupons, and longer term strategies like content marketing, brands are able to keep a steady stream of sales coming in.

This will also help to improve the brand recognition and build repeat customers.

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Pesach Lattin

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