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Are You Ready for a Flood of US Sports Betting Opportunities?

The US Supreme Court just struck down a 1992 federal law called the ‘Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act’ which made it mostly illegal to engage in sports betting. There were some exceptions, such as betting in Vegas and at a variety of other casinos. With the law being ruled unconstitutional, we will see many companies quickly moving to enter the massive online sports betting industry.

It is estimated that Americans engage in about $150 billion in illegal wagers each year. Now that it is legal, most of that will move quickly onto legal platforms. The fact that it is legally and will be readily available likely means that many more people will begin taking part in betting on their favorite teams.

Connecticut, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have already passed sports betting laws that will regulate how the sports betting can be done in those states. A dozen or more states will have laws evaluated, and likely passed, in the coming weeks and months.

Sports betting in other countries is very successful, and one of the ways that sports betting companies make money is by using affiliate marketing. Experienced affiliates should be prepared to begin promoting products in this very lucrative industry. Those who get in early may be able to have significant advantages, and make large sums of money, as this exciting industry grows.

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