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New Augmented Reality Ads Used to Push Food Delivery Orders

Just Eat is a fast food delivery service that is growing in popularity in the UK. As part of their World Cup advertising campaign, they have rolled out augmented reality ads that are designed to push people to download their app and hopefully order food.

In the campaign it will ‘award’ people who get their app with collectible plates. When the individual’s mobile device camera points at the plate with the app open, it will turn into a former player, John Barnes, asking to be licked (lick the plate clean…).

Their ads to download the app are being run on Facebook, which will share the performance of this campaign. Just Eat said that they are also considering additional ad campaigns using the AR system.

Ben Carter, the Marketing Director of Just Eat in the UK said, “We don’t do AR for AR’s sake. Everything we do from a social perspective is about driving activity through the funnel. AR isn’t the answer to all marketing, but it does give us a way of engaging with our audiences in a way that you can’t get on other channels.”

With AR apps becoming more popular, using them to advertise is certainly going to be seen quite often. There are many opportunities available for creative brands to get the results they are looking for.

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