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Massive Spending for Advertising on World Cup

The World Cup is here, and will continue until July 15th. The world will be watching dozens of great matches, reading reports, listening to predictions and commentary, and much more. What all this means to marketers is big advertising opportunities. In China, for example, companies will be spending $835 million for ads during the World Cup.

That is more than double what will be spent in the United States, which is about $400 million. The host of the World Cup this year is Russia, but they will only be spending $64 million on advertising during the big event.

Fatma Samoura, the secretary-general of FIFA said, “China plays a very important role in the career of promoting soccer’s globalization and its participation is indispensable.” He went on to say, “We proposed a clear goal in ‘FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future’ to make over 60 percent of the world’s population participate in soccer game by 2026. To achieve this goal, we must focus on China, the 1.4 billion soccer fans and potential fans.”

All in all, it is expected that about $2.4 billion in total global advertising will be spent during this year’s World Cup. This will help to reach about 3.5 billion in total global audience according to CNBC. This is quite a massive audience, and while most people won’t be watching every game, many will be frequent viewers, which is a great market for advertisers.

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