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Lawsuit Against Facebook for Collecting Mobile Call & Text Data

Facebook has been running into a lot of issues over the past few months, and it seems that their troubles aren’t over yet. John Condelles III is suing Facebook because the social network used two Facebook apps on his android device to collect information about his calls and text messages.

His lawyers are making the argument that Facebook did not make it clear that users who download and use their app would have their call and text data scraped. Facebook was taking the metadata about these calls and texts, which included information about the recipients, the time they took place, and the duration of the phone calls.

The legal complaint states, “The terms of service and privacy notice materials do not inform (and in the past have not informed) the ordinary and reasonably attentive Facebook user that installing the application on a mobile device will result in the logging of all the user’s phone and text communications.”

Facebook has not yet responded to the issue, or released any statement about it. The fact that Facebook has been having so many complaints about privacy issues and data collection could make the social network more vulnerable to a negative ruling. Of course, this type of thing is also going to hurt them in the court of public opinion.

Given the fact that Facebook hasn’t lost any significant amount of stock value, or advertisers, so it isn’t likely to be a huge deal for the company.

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